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Milligan Memorial Committee
for the World War II Fatal Air Crashes
near Milligan, Nebraska

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As NBC's Mike Leonard reports, Milligan, Neb., will never mentioned in the same breath as Normandy or Iwo Jima, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be mentioned at all.   (Adobe Flash required to view; if no picture appears below, please click here.)

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Committee members
Back Row: Kathy Rishling Judy Filipi, Dennis Steeby, Dorothy Novak, Shirley Brunkow; Front Row: Roma Bigelow, Janet Bartels, Merle Buzek

Coverage of the Dedication Activities by the Media

The Committee’s Goal

Sponsor Nebraska State Historical Markers to commemorate the three fatal WWII air crashes that occurred near Milligan, Nebraska, on October 25, 1943, May 10, 1944 and September 8, 1944, and to honor the airmen involved.